A Simple T-shirt That Supports New York

Photo: Retailers

Last week, a graphic T-shirt contest drew hundreds of submissions with designs and slogans expressing pride in New York. Logo or not, the T-shirt itself is a local staple — a democratic blank canvas, and a uniform fit for the city’s hustle and bustle.

2019理论片最新免费大全Donna Karan, a Queens native, knows the value of a good T-shirt more than just about anyone. After the coronavirus pandemic hit her hometown, her namesake brand, DKNY, started a fundraiser featuring its “Essential Tee,” which costs $25, with 100 percent of the shirt’s profits to New York’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund for as long as there is demand.

Of course, DKNY’s “Essential Tee” comes in white and black2019理论片最新免费大全. (It’s also unisex.) True to the brand’s DNA, it’s made of high-quality material and super comfortable, but sharply tailored so that it’s not schlubby-looking. If anyone were going to the office these days, they could surely get away with wearing it there, but in the meantime, this shirt is great for Zoom meetings and sitting around at home.

2019理论片最新免费大全Shop the DKNY “Essential Tee” below.

A Simple T-shirt That Supports New York